Tool Kit

What Is It?

The Migration Tool Kit is a small suite of applications that enable the migratation of your existing on-premise BizTalk Server assets to Microsoft's new Azure App Platform.

Why Use It?

Why go to the bother of manually recreating all of your Orchestrations, Pipelines, Maps and other assets in the cloud when we can do it for you, and at a fraction of the cost.

How Does It Work?

Azure Logic Apps are made up of a collection of API Apps, each API App performs a distinct function (e.g. workflow, transformation, scheduling etc.). Unlike traditional BizTalk Server solutions, there is no concept of a API App assembly. Instead, the API Apps are already hosted on the cloud: to use them, you provision the Apps you need to use and then connect them together in a Logic App.

Where Do We Come In?

When we parse your existing BizTalk application though our Migration Tool Kit (e.g. BizTalk MSI), we will analyse it and produce a report indicating how much of it we can migrate, and what the cost will be.

What Next?

When you are ready to migrate, we will convert your BizTalk application into the appropriate Logic/API Apps, and upload them to the selected Azure Subscription.

Azure Subscription?

In order for this to work, you need to have Azure subscription, if you don't we can create one as part of the service. We then link your Azure Subscription account to the Migration Tool Kit so that we can upload the migrated resources.

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